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D&L Associates, Inc.

Pleasant Hill, CA experienced tremendous growth over the past 3 years.


D&L Associates specializes in providing small and medium size businesses expert knowledge in the following fields:

Finance services

Marketing services

Operations services

Our main goal is to transfer our knowledge onto you and your staff for better execution of your business goals.

Our staff’s experience in financial services, engineering and startup management allows us to provide a broad range of services in these categories. For more information see our services list...


1981 Edgefield Drive

Bellingham WA


To contact us:

Phone: 360-778-1107

Fax: 360-778-1107


Key services:

Capital budgeting, capital budgeting techniques, Capital budgeting (project ROI evaluation), forecasting, budgeting, small business valuation, financial analysis, accounting systems and SBA loan applications...we tailor services to your business. NPV, IRR MIRR, PI, Payback, PB, DPB...

Operations services consist mainly of cost control and effectiveness measures to ensure you are maximizing every dollar you put into your business. Business process analysis, cost savings programs and  outsourcing

Business planning, Marketing plan, Market segmentation, Sales channel analysis Customer survey and  Competitive analysis...we tailor these services according to your particular business needs to maximize ROI.


SMB business services specialty

D&L associates



Capital budgets

Project evaluation


DCF techniques